How to Remove Passwords from XLSX Files

You may imagine how frustrating it can be to lose the password to an Excel file. Not being able to access your own data might cause serious issues, whether it’s a budget for your own use or a crucial work document. Thankfully, it is possible to delete passwords from XLSX files. This thorough guide will examine various techniques for xlsx password remover.

But before we dive into the details, let’s discuss why password-protected XLSX files are important

An example of this is when a user inherits a file from a former coworker or manager who did not provide the password. Accessing the information in the file without the password may be challenging or impossible.

Another example is when a user loses the password to a file that they have personally authored. This can be especially annoying if the file has crucial information that the user wants to access.

In this article, we will discuss the common scenarios where a user may need to remove the XLSX password and the steps to do so on both Windows and Mac platforms

Why Passwords are Used in Excel Files

A common security measure for safeguarding sensitive data is password protection. Personal information, financial information, and even trade secrets may be found in Excel spreadsheets. Using passwords makes sure that only authorized users can access this data. Anyone can access the file and see its contents without a password.

How Passwords are Stored

Excel files use hash values, which are distinct strings of characters produced by an algorithm, to save password information. Excel creates a hash value from the password you enter and compares it to the hash value already present in the file. You can access the file if the two values line up.

Traditional methods of removing xlsx passwords

  • One of the easiest methods is password guessing, but it is also the least trustworthy. The user can try different combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters until they are able to access the file if they have an inkling as to what the password might be. However, if the password is complicated, this strategy is largely reliant on luck and is unlikely to be successful.
  • Though more efficient than guessing, bruteforce attacks can be time- and resource-intensive. This technique involves employing software that repeatedly attempts every conceivable character combination until the password is found.
  • The most effective and trustworthy method to delete XLSX passwords is frequently to use specialized software.
  • There are various third-party solutions that are readily available and created with this objective in mind. These apps quickly erase Excel files’ password security using sophisticated algorithms and methods.
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The solution: using a reliable xlsx password remove

One such tool that stands out for its effectiveness and usefulness is PassFab for Excel. The purpose of this software is to disable the password security on Excel files, including XLSX files.

It unlocks XLSX files rapidly and effectively by utilising sophisticated algorithms and methods, such as brute-force attacks and dictionary attacks.

In the following sections, we will explore how to use PassFab for Excel to remove XLSX passwords step-by-step

Step-by-Step Guide to Remove Passwords from XLSX Files

Steps :-

  1. Install PassFab for Excel on your PC by downloading it.
  2. Launch PassFab for Excel and select “Add” to add the XLSX file that is password-protected.
  3. Decide on a password attack strategy. Dictionary assault, Brute-force with Mask Attack, and Brute-force Attack are the three password assault modes offered by PassFab for Excel. Select the approach that best meets your needs.
  4. Set the password attack options. Depending on the style of password assault selected, this stage may change. You must specify a dictionary file to utilise for password guessing, for instance, if you choose Dictionary Attack.
  5. To launch the password attack, click the “Start” button. In accordance with the mode and settings chosen, PassFab for Excel will begin trying to guess passwords automatically.
  6. PassFab for Excel will show the right password on the screen once it has been located. To unlock the XLSX file, enter this password.
  7. The location where you save the unlocked XLSX file is up to you.


One of the most efficient methods is to use specialized software like PassFab for Excel, which is designed to remove passwords from Excel files quickly and easily. However, if you prefer a free method, using VBA code can also be effective.

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In conclusion, you may successfully erase passwords from XLSX files and recover access to your crucial data by following the instructions provided in this detailed article. Just keep in mind to use this information responsibly and to put data security first.


Is it legal to use an xlsx password remover tool?

Depending on the circumstances and intended purpose, utilising an XLSX password removal programme may or may not be legal. In general, employing a password remover programme is probably lawful if you are the file’s legitimate owner or have access to it

Do I need technical skills to use an xlsx password remover tool

Depending on the particular tool and technique you use, the level of technical competence needed to utilise an XLSX password removal tool can change. Some programmes for removing passwords may be easier to use and require little to no technical knowledge, while others might.

Can an xlsx password remover tool also remove a VBA project password from an Excel file?

Not all XLSX password remover tools can remove a VBA project password. It’s important to choose a tool that specifically advertises this feature and is reputable

Can I recover my original Excel file after removing the password?

Yes, removing the password from an Excel file does not delete the file or its contents, so you can still access and recover the original Excel file after removing the password

What to do if an xlsx password remover tool fails to remove the password?

If an XLSX password remover tool fails to remove the password, you may need to try a different tool or method, or seek the help of a professional data recovery service to recover the password

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